Internet Inquiries and Pricing


I respect folks who are shopping for the best price, have limited time and just want the facts. For me to give the most accurate price, I need to get as many details as possible.

I do not publish pricing based on an internet inquiry. No two events are the same and there are a variety of factors that go into a DJ package. The most important being, will I be a good fit in order to help create your special vision for an ultimate event? I love my profession and realize there needs to be a certain comfort level so that communication and ideas flow freely.

My business philosophy is one that emphasizes partnerships. I want to partner with my clients to provide them with the best service and rocking party. We must share information and visions together. E-mail sometimes is not the best vehicle to connect and both sides have to feel good about engaging in a business partnership. My goal is to make you happy and help you realize your vision for your event.

For inquiries please provide me with as much detail as possible:

1) Type of event, date, time, and location of event. How many hours will you need DJ services for?

2) If a wedding will you need ceremony music? and a wireless lapel mic for JP?

3) Approximately how many guests do you anticipate? Are you interested in up lighting?

4) If event is a wedding, are you planning a pre-wedding party (Jack & Jill, Jill & Jill)?, if so will you need a DJ?  For a DJ package including both events I would also need date, time and location of your pre-wedding party as well as number of hours DJ services will be needed.

5) If event is a wedding is it traditional or same-sex? Is this a first marriage? What is the name or your partner?

6) Briefly explain the music you like and don’t and what your vision is for your event.

By answering these questions, I’ll have a better understanding of your needs and how I can best meet them. I would then suggest a brief conversation and from there we can determine how we should proceed.




3 Responses to “Internet Inquiries and Pricing”

  1. Melinda Provost Says:

    The date of our wedding is Sept 14th, 2012. It is at Look Park in Northampton, MA. The ceremony is in the park, the reception is in the Garden House. We will not need ceremony music but will need a sound system for the ceremony. We are expecting 125-150 guests and are interested in uplighting and a photo booth. We expect to need dj services for the total time, which is 6 hours. This is a traditional wedding. We don’t like cheesy wedding songs (YMCA, etc) and do like a lot of rock and roll and non traditional music.

  2. Chris Fredette Says:

    I have been DJing myself for the last 11 years…I am looking for someone that has the talent, equipment, and lighting I am looking for..You seem to fit the bill..I am getting married this September 15th at East mountain country club in Westfield, Ma and my recpetion will be going from 3:30-8:30..This inquiry is only for the wedding reception. I am looking for your price for DJing, and using up lighting. If you could call me back it would be preferred over email. You can reach me at 413.330.3090. Thanks in advance.

  3. My name is Paige and my fiance is Pat. We are getting married Aug 18 2017. The ceremony will be at 530 and the reception from 7 to midnight. Our ceremony and reception will be at the Log Cabin in Holyoke. We are expecting about 100 people. We need music for ceremony and wireless mic. We also need music for our reception. We are also interested in uplighting. We are looking for a fun evening. We want everyone up and dancing and enjoying themselves. We like pop music, hip hop, r&b. No country music. We are not interested in games or things like the electric slide, ymca, etc.

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