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Light Light Baby

Posted in Style Down The Aisle on August 25, 2012 by djlorib

Post Theme Songs:

Lights-Ellie Goulding

Every Light In The House-Trace Adkins

Hit The Lights-Jay Sean

Ray Of Light-Madonna

I’ve been a fan of up lighting for years even before LED technology was ever born. There is something to be said and seen when adding color to a room.

The picture below is from a recent wedding reception at the Log Cabin in Holyoke, MA. It’s hard not to be drawn to the action with so much beautiful color popping from the room.

I recently upgraded my lighting fixtures to the American DJ’s QA5 Flat Par. I love these lights and used them in the room above. They are easier to set, have more static colors, stronger beams and include the color amber. This color allows for more creative coloring especially during the fall wedding season.

When I meet with clients to discuss up lighting I try to replicate the scenario in which the lights will be used. The real beauty of these lights are best seen in person and not in pictures.

There is no right or wrong color for an event. Couples may opt to use a color that compliments the bridal party colors and linens, while others may choose more vivid and vibrant colors.

I’m currently working with a couple from California. Their October event will be in the Southampton Room at the Log Cabin. I suggested that they consider going two tone, blue and purple. When we met I darkened the room as best I could and set the fixtures. The color and look was amazing. Their bold approach will be perfect in a room decorated with tasteful wood moulding and a beautiful mahogany bar.