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2011 Wedding Trends

Posted in Style Down The Aisle on January 6, 2011 by djlorib

It’s cold in the northeast and I need a Bear hug. ūüôā ¬†I love this sunny, warm picture of the Bear’s. Rocked their party at Kelleys Island¬†on Lake Erie. A few more months to go before the warm temps return.

Brian & Caroline Bear

Below are a few of my wedding predictors and trends¬†for 2011. They’re based on¬†what’s happening in the world, research and conversations I’ve had¬†with other wedding professionals in Western Massachusetts.

We should all prepare for Royal wedding fever.¬† April is just around the corner and if¬†people thought media coverage for Lady Diana’s wedding was intense, wait until this event starts to gain traction.

The Black Eyed Peas will dominate social media, music charts and dance floors throughout 2011. Their latest release “The Beginning” is full of ¬†fun, catchy,¬†dance/party songs that will keep¬†DJ’s very happy this year. The growing popularity of their album, plus performing during¬† the Superbowl half time show¬†in Dallas, (with about 107 million US viewers) will keep the Peas and their music in front of the masses.

Wedding lighting (up lighting) will continue to be popular with¬†couples. Less of a trend and more of a must have according to Diana Marszalek, who recently wrote an article for the Associated Press titled “Lighting can transform a wedding space”.¬† Lighting with color¬†is a great way to enhance an event space and create the mood for a party. Personally, I love up lighting and transforming a space from wow to POW.

Not all wedding receptions have to be on a Friday or Saturday. Sunday receptions are becoming more popular. Wedding couples that can’t get a Saturday date at their preferred event location,¬†can plan a Sunday event and possibly save¬†money¬†by doing so. ¬†A party is still a party even on¬†Sunday. Amen.

Diversity¬†is in.¬†DJ’s must have a basic understanding and catalog of latin music.¬† At 80% of the events I hosted last year, at least 1 guest requested to hear latin music.¬†The most popular types of latin music are: salsa, meringue, bachata¬†& reggaeton. I’m ahead of the curve. I love latin music and¬†blogged about it in the category Caliente. In 2011 latin music will be hot.