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Put The Nipple On The Record

Posted in Charity-Tini on October 13, 2010 by djlorib

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I recommend that the theme song be: I Touch Myself  by Divinyls. Self exams save lives and early detection is key to successful outcomes.

I’ve had ideas about this post in my head for a while but had trouble coming up with the title. One of my favorite sayings is “put the needle on the record” from the song “Pump Up The Volume” by M/A/R/R/S. I say it when I’m on a mission, excited and need an emotional surge to help me achieve goals.

I have two family members who are survivors of breast cancer: my step mother and aunt. Within the last 2 months a new corporate client shared her story with me and a friend and colleague that I work with recently had a lumpectomy. It’s time for DJ Lori B to get active.

I’m getting off the DJ dime to fully participate in this year’s Rays of Hope: A Walk Toward the Cure of Breast Cancer on October 24 in Springfield, MA. I’m really excited to shift from donator to both donator and doer.

I also like the idea of  keeping boobie bucks local. Funding which gets channelled through The Baystate Health Foundation stays in Western New England to help support patients and survivors.

The picture below is a tee-shirt that was sent to me from my Aunt Pat in Florida. She is a nurse practitioner who has a tremendous zeal for life and a crazy sense of humor. After 2 mastectomies and Tamoxifen therapy she is cancer free. She and her “special group of friends” designed the shirt which I plan to wear on the 24th.

The disease has affected many talented musical artists. It would be careless of me as a DJ and music lover not to recognize some of these artists.

Survivors: Melissa Etheridge, Sheryl Crow, Olivia Newton-John, Kylie Minogue, Nanci Griffith and Carly Simon.

Non-Survivors: Linda McCarthy, Dusty Springfield, Doris Coley (member of The Shirelles) and Syreeta Wright. She sang with Billy Preston on the duet “With You I’m Born Again”.

Honorable Mention: Men account for close to 1% of all new breast cancer cases. Original KISS drummer and founding member Peter Criss is a survivor. The Cat Man Rocks.






Let The Sunshine In

Posted in Two Brides and Two Grooms on October 11, 2010 by djlorib

Joyce Banford and Linda Martineau were married on October 2. The outside ceremony and reception was held  at the Tuner’s Fall’s Rod & Gun Club. Luckily no shots were fired. 🙂 The name doesn’t do the venue justice. The club has a pavilion that overlooks the Connecticut River and mountains, a perfect backdrop for a Fall wedding.

A significant amount of rain fell for five day’s prior to their event. When Saturday came guests, staff and DJ Lori B were quite happy to see the sun. It set the tone for a very special event and  fun party.

Memorable Moments:

 Joyce’s daughter in law flew in from Colorado. During the first dance she sang John Denver’s “Annie’s Song” while Linda’s nephew played guitar. Listening to this version gave me the opportunity to revisit the beauty of the song. The performance was outstanding and there was not a dry eye in the pavilion.

Linda’s 89-year-old mother “cut the rug with guests” during “We Are Family”. It was a pleasure to see her having so much fun. She had a smile on her face the whole afternoon and kept going and going.

After a few adult beverages members of Joyce’s softball team donned their uniform shirts and sang “The Twelve Day’s of Marriage” which was a parody of “The Twelve Day’s of Christmas”. The song was very creative and quite funny. Good job team.

The Party:

The dance floor was packed for 3 hours. I mixed the music up and played a wide variety of classic and new party music from artists like ABBA, Donna Summer, Lady Gaga, The B-52’s, The Zac Brown Band, BEP, Katy Perry, Neil Diamond, Wild Cherry, Beyoncé, Brooks & Dunn, Salt-N-Pepa and Michael Jackson.

Below are some comments that Joyce sent to me the next day.

From the boy’s at the Rod and Gun Club, ” this is the best event we’ve had in 10 years” The music was the best!!!!!

hb “..i have not rocked out and wiped the dance floor like that in a loooong time. thanks for finding each other so we could all be inspired and have a ton of fun, too!”

Thanks Lori! We all had a blast!! I think Linda and I danced every dance. My feet hurt, my hips ached but it was it was all worth it.

Linda says “You were ON IT Girl!!”  Thank you so much!!!!

I’m glad they chose Martini Productions to rock their party and be part of their special day.