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Bethany & Carrie’s Wedding Adventure v.2

Posted in Two Brides and Two Grooms on July 11, 2010 by djlorib

Their wedding is just weeks away and plans for a perfect ceremony and reception are coming together. I’m ready to bring the party bomb for my brides and can’t wait for the big day (August 20) to arrive. Below are a few highlights.

Ceremony and Reception: Both events will be held in Western Massachusetts. The ceremony will be held at The Stanley Park Rose Garden with the reception at The Log Cabin.

Bridal Colors: I wrote in an earlier blog that bright colors would be the trend this wedding season. Bethany & Carrie’s bridal colors are lime green and pink. The color combination is hot, bold and colorful.

What The Brides Are Wearing: Carrie is wearing an off the shoulder bridal gown and is looking to possibly add a splash of pink to it. She is still looking for “smokin’ hot shoes”. Bethany is wearing a white suit and vest and plans to wear Adidas sneakers with pink accents.

The Menu: The food is outstanding at the Log Cabin and guests will have several food choices to pick from; including chicken, beef, seafood and vegetarian dishes. The almond flavored wedding cake will be decorated with accents of pink and green.

As the disc jockey, I’m alway’s on the lookout for potential issues that may arise during any reception. I’m in constant contact with the couple and with the other vendors to help ensure a smooth running event. Sometimes I don’t have the time to eat. The picture below represents my backup plan if needed.

DJ Lori B's wedding meal of champions

The Party and Play List: I’m going to up light the Southampton Room which will be both a visual and stunning kickoff to the reception.

Bethany and Carrie’s play list is varied with an emphasis on R&B during the early portion of their event. I’ll be playing music from artists like Barry White, Roberta Flack, Al Green, Luther Vandross and Marvin Gaye.

Once the party switches into high gear guests can expect to hear music from Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, Madonna, The Black Eyed Peas as well as old school drops from the Bee Gee’s and Grandmaster Flash. I’m prepared to manage a spirited and active dance floor all evening. My brides intend to groove, party and celebrate until the last drink is served.