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Thoughts on Selecting a Disc Jockey

Posted in Style Down The Aisle on February 1, 2011 by djlorib

A once in life time celebration cannot be redone. The overall success of your wedding reception or event depends on partnering with the right DJ entertainer.  Below are some of my opinions on finding the right DJ for your event.

Personality:  First impressions are telling. When discussing your celebration with potential disc jockeys ask yourself this question a few minutes into the conversation. Do I like this person? Do I like what he or she can bring to the table in terms of experience, energy and professionalism?  Remember “It Don’t Mean Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)”-Duke Ellington.

Profile:  I define profile as the professional and personal make up of a DJ (how they roll).

In 2010 I re-tooled Martini Productions. I worked with a creative designer who encouraged me to redesign my logo and collateral materials. In addition I went from a static web-site to an active blog. The end result are marketing materials that are clean, classy and professional. It’s the exact image I wish to convey because first impressions are telling.

Below is a picture of my old business card on the left and my new and improved look on the right. Oh my what was I thinking? 🙂

Martini Productions Old and New Logo

I love to write and I love my blog. It’s a way for me to stay current with topics related to being a disc jockey. It also gives potential clients a sense of my experience and personality. I’m amazed at the amount of DJ web-sites that have not been updated in years. If other DJ’s aren’t paying attention to their business tools then what else might they be missing?  Topic Song: “Fresh”-Kool and the Gang.

I‘m spending more time on the microphone during an event, therefore I want my voice to be the best it can be. This past weekend I had lunch with Mary McKitrick who is a voice over actor from Northampton, MA.  She was kind enough to give me practical advice on how to better manage my voice and tone during an event. I could simulate other DJ’s on You Tube, but I want tips and suggestions from a trained voice professional. Topic Song:  “Voices Carry”-‘Til Tuesday.

Price:  There is a saying in the DJ universe “Good entertainment is not cheap and cheap entertainment is rarely good.” When considering a DJ one must also consider the value of entertainment services provided. Is there more value at an event with a decorated ice sculpture, or is the value of a professional, experienced and polished disc jockey that honestly wants to rock your party a better choice?  80% of the success of your event is in the hands of the entertainment you choose.

Discussing price is often a tricky subject.  Professionally and philosophically I do not subscribe to “DJ Discounts”. Offering discounts is like yo-yo dieting, in the long-term it does not work. The clients I work with value my services and my pricing structure reflects that. There are many DJ’s who will do or say anything to secure a gig. My hope as an entertainer, who loves my profession, is that client service is not sacrificed for a discounted price. Topic Song: “Good Time”-Alan Jackson