Why Martini Productions

In an age of $200.00 “Craig’s List” DJ’s and others, who with a computer and playlist think they are a DJ, it’s important for me to separate myself from that group.. You will never see this set DJ up from Martini Productions.


This set up is a hot mess.












My passion and experience sets the tone for you to have the EXPERIENCE of a lifetime.

Should you choose Martini Productions for your next event, you can expect the three P’s:

A Premium, polished and professional disc jockey.

Premium: I have over 20 years experience in the DJ industry and have performed at over 400 plus weddings and events in various markets including Florida, Boston, Connecticut and the Cape. In addition, I was a resident DJ for Diva’s nightclub until 2009. My work ethic and dedication to my clients is evident from our first meeting to the start of your event.

Polished: There is no substitute for experience. I’ve had to navigate a variety of challenges over the years; including food service and weather delays, “family drama”, vendor communication and the like. My philosophy is simple; any issue can be resolved and in doing so I always’ try to be part of the solution and not part of the problem while keeping the interests of my clients first and foremost.

Professional: I pride myself on maintaining a truthful and ethical standard of business operation. Too often I am called to fill in for a DJ who backed out at the last minute. Martini Productions is a member of the Better Business Bureau and is insured. I take personal pride in my equipment and the look of my DJ set up and always dress appropriately. I return calls and emails on a timely basis and look for opportunities to share helpful information with my clients.


Martini Productions Ultra Premium DJ Set Up

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