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Let Your Gaga Breathe

Posted in Music and Technology on February 27, 2010 by djlorib


I love all things Lady G. Her music, style, and attitude. She is the consummate artist who has the skills: she writes or co-writes all of her songs and unlike other artists Lady G never lip synchs in concert.

I plan to write periodically about her musical influence as she continues to grow. At the age of 23 (her birthday is March 28) with several million downloads purchased and over 8 million albums sold, she reminds me of a young Madonna quickly on the rise artistically and musically.

Gaga has given pop music a shot in the arm since her first album (The Fame) dropped in August, 2008. Since then she has created one hit after another, and collaborates with Beyoncé on her latest CD (The Fame Monster). 

From a request standpoint, having several “hit” songs to choose from versus a few is event heaven for DJ Lori B. Strong artists allow me to customize strong musical playlists, which will ultimately lead to a packed dance floor.


The Log Cabin & Delaney House Always One Step Ahead

Posted in Style Down The Aisle on February 27, 2010 by djlorib



A few weeks ago I attended an event called Modern Love at the Log Cabin.  It was well attended (over 350 people) and very informative. Four wedding experts: David Tuttera, Emily Anderson, Bernadette Coveney Smith and Lynda Houghtaling participated and discussed what’s hot and new for this years wedding season. 

Trends in weddings change rapidly.  As a wedding professional, going to Modern Love was an opportunity for me to talk with the experts, sample food and visually see what local florists and cake decorators have in store this wedding  season. I walked away with valuable information that I can share with my clients. 

Every display was beautiful and unique.  Throughout the evening  I found myself gravitating back to these two displays: 

Modern Tuxedo is the name of this table display created by florist Ruth Loiseau from Suffield, Connecticut and Beth DeGray from the Log Cabin &  Delaney House.  I love the simple and classy elegance using black.  The flowers provide just enough color to “pop” the table. People sitting at the table don’t have to yell or look around a large centerpiece to be heard. 

 This Four-Tiered Square Rose Cake was decorated by Durochers Florist.  White and red is timeless, classic, and declares love in a colorful subtle way. People can be creative by choosing petals that can be color dyed to match the bridal theme.  As beautiful as the display looked the caked tasted amazing as well. 

I was able to have a great conversation with David Tuttera.  I asked him what his thoughts were about the role of a wedding disc jockey. He likes his DJ’s not to be the center of attention and he told me that the role of the DJ is to keep the party hopping.  I Love this guy. 

DJ Lori B with David Tutera

Caliente (Part 2) Bringing Musical Hotness To Your Event

Posted in Music and Technology on February 26, 2010 by djlorib

Don’t forget about the ballad.  Latin infused ballads are the easiest way to introduce hotness to your event.  A quality slow song will always’s pack the dance floor.

Three songs come to my mind. You Sang To Me by Marc Anthony, Hero by Mariah Carey and Hero by Enrique Iglesias.  The English versions were extremely successful with all three topping Billboard’s Adult Contemporary Charts.  In addition, Carey and Anthony each received a Grammy nomination.  Carey for best female pop vocal performance and Anthony for best male pop vocal performance.

These artists and their music are easily recognizable for your guests who may or may not  know a lick of Spanish.  Once the first note is played they will undoubtedly become familiar with the song  and gravitate to the dance floor with their special someone in tow.  Awesome and hot.

Caliente (Part 1) Bringing Musical Hotness To Your Event

Posted in Music and Technology on February 8, 2010 by djlorib

So much music, so little time, so much the same. Disc jockeys get “stuck” playing the same music event after event. It’s safe, easy and requires little creativity. If you’re a DJ reading this post, ask yourself when was the last time you shook things up a bit for your clients?

While at my cousin’s wedding in Virginia, I handed a few requests to the DJ. They were  commercial and mainstream and knowing my family playing one or two would have “kicked it up” a bit. Unfortunately he did not play or have any of  the songs I requested including a few Latin songs.

Based on the songs he was playing I knew in my head what song was coming next for the entire reception. Fun and safe for the most of the older guests, a little boring and scripted for the bride & groom…and DJ Lori B!

Latin music is hot, sexy, and allows people to express their creative side on the dance floor. I’m in awe when I watch Latin couples dance. They have a confidence and swagger (that I don’t have) once the first note is played. The beauty of Latin music is that you don’t have to be on “Dancing With Stars” to move to the beat. A little rhythm and an open mind is all you need to spice up your party. I’ll discuss in my next update or two how to add some Latin flair to your reception or event.